After Reporter Twists Trump’s Words, Sarah Completely Embarrasses Him on Live TV

White House squeeze secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press instructions today after a short break where agent squeeze secretary Raj Shah assumed control.

Today, Sarah was back and as feisty as regularly guarding President Trump from the flood of assaults from the liberal media.

She began off with some energizing news for the nation by revealing to them that President Trump has formally given his pay for this quarter to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

That cash will go far toward helping our military saints who have given such a great amount for this nation and merit a lot more consequently.

Amid the inquiry and answer session, the media totally disregarded the positive news about the president and instantly went to assault Trump for his words.

“What did the president mean when he said ‘a few foreigners are not individuals, they are animals.’?”

Sarah’s answer amazed the journalist.

“The president was plainly alluding to MS-13 pack individuals who enter our nation illicitly and whose expulsions are hamstrung by our laws. This is a standout amongst the most awful and fatal groups that works by the saying ‘assault, control and slaughter.’ If the media and dissidents need to safeguard MS-13 they are more than welcome to. In all honesty, I don’t think the term the president utilized was sufficient. MS-13 has done offensive acts. It took a creature to wound a man multiple times and behead him, and tear his heart out. It took a creature to beat a lady for sex trafficking with a bat multiple times, indenting some portion of her head. What’s more, it took a creature to seize, medication, and assault a multi year old Houston young lady. To be perfectly honest, I feel that the term ‘creature’ doesn’t go sufficiently far and I surmise that the president should keep on utilizing his stage in all that he can do with the law to stop these repulsive, shocking, disturbing individuals.”

The room was staggered into quiet. They intend to assault Trump and take his words outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand had bombed pitiably and Sarah Huckabee instructed them that she won’t be harassed by anybody!

Offer on the off chance that you concur with Trump about MS-13 group individuals!

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